Exoplanets III

Exoplanets III

Exoplanets III is the third conference in a new series that started with Exoplanets I in Davos, Switzerland in 2016 and Exoplanets II in Cambridge, Great Britain in 2018. The conference covers all fields of exoplanet science.

In 2020 it will take place in Heidelberg, from July 27 - 31.

We have reached the maximum number of participants. You can still continue to register, but you will then be put on the waiting list.
We have about 95 people on the waiting list (status on 17 February 2020). Based on experience with other conferences, we expect that places will free up due to cancellations (in particular after the talk selection has been published). We will admit people from the waiting list in the order they submitted their registration.

Important information:
You are advised to book your accommodation early because of peak tourist season. See Accommodation tab for help with finding accommodation.

Important dates:

  • Notification of talks: March 30, 2020. This used to be March 2, but was shifted to March 30 for organisatorial reasons.
  • Cancellation with full-refund (minus admin fee): before April 10, 2020.

This conference has a Code of Conduct.

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