Exoplanets III


EMBL / MPIA / Uni-Heidelberg shall not as a result of the conference be held liable for any damages, including:

  • bodily injury to, or other impairment of health of, or death of, any person;
  • damage to, loss of, or loss of use of any property;
  • loss of revenue or profits; or
  • other direct, indirect, or consequential damage caused by participation in the conference or related events

Participants are not covered by any EMBL / MPIA / Uni-Heidelberg medical or travel insurance and are required to make appropriate arrangements for their own medical, repatriation and travel insurance, including coverage for loss of, or damage to, their belongings.

In all cases, participants will be responsible for the cost of travel from their hometowns to the designated departure points and back, as well as for the costs of all non-sponsored meals, local transport and other living expenses. They will also have to make their own arrangements for passports, visas, travel insurance and medical insurance.

EMBL / MPIA / Uni-Heidelberg reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

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