Virtual Conference Center: Exoplanets III

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Zilinskas, Mantas
Atmospheres of hot super-Earths
Zicher, Norbert
Extracting Radial Velocities using Gaussian Processes
Ziampras, Alexandros
Radiative effects in protoplanetary disks: planet-disk interaction
Zhou, Yifan
The Discovery and Characterization of Strong Rotational Modulations from a Young L-dwarf Companion
Zhao, Fei
Measuring and characterizing the line profile of HARPS with an Astro-comb
Zhang, Zhoujian
Spectroscopic Characterization of Ultracool Brown Dwarfs and Implications for Exoplanet Model Atmospheres
Zhang, Yapeng
A search for He I airglow emission from the hot Jupiter τ Boo b
Zhang, Michael
No hydrogen/helium atmosphere around 55 Cnc e
Zhang, Jisheng
Thermal evolution and magnetic history of rocky planets
ZHAI, Meng
The Concept Study of a Space Mission Dedicated for the Characterization of Habitable Rocky Planets
Zawadzki, Brianna
Rapid Formation of Super-Earths Around Low-Mass Stars
Yu, Xinting
The surface energy and life cycle of cool exoplanet haze analogs
Young, Mitchell
Detectability of Atomic Nitrogen in Earth-like Atmospheres
Yang, Jingxuan
Simulation and Retrieval of Cloudy ARIEL Transmission Spectra
Yang, Jia-Yi
Occurrence and Architecture of Kepler Planetary Systems as Functions of Stellar Mass and Stellar Effective Temperature.
Xuan, Jerry
Evidence for a high mutual inclination between the cold Jupiter and transiting super Earth orbiting π Men
Wyttenbach, Aurélien
Mass loss rate and local thermodynamic state of hot gas giant planets
Wunderlich, Fabian
Distinguishing between wet and dry atmospheres of TRAPPIST-1 e
Wright, Sam
Exploring non-LTE effects in Exoplanet Atmospheres
Wong, Michael L.
Abiotic Oxygen in the Atmospheres of Venus-Like Exoplanets
Wolthoff, Vera
Planet Occurrence Rates from the combined Lick, EXPRESS, and PPPS Giant Star Surveys
Wöckel, David
Flares of young late-type stars in Upper Scorpius
Wittenmyer, Rob
Understanding complete planetary system architectures with Minerva-Australis
Whiteford, Niall
Directly-imaged exoplanet characterisation using retrievals: 51 Eridani b
Welbanks, Luis
Mass-Metallicity Trends in Transiting Exoplanets from Atmospheric Abundances of H2O, Na, and K
Wehrhahn, Ansgar
PySME - Spectroscopy Made Easier
Weber, Michael
The interpretation of protoplanetary disc wind diagnostic lines from X-ray photoevaporation and analytical MHD models
Webb, Rebecca
High resolution emission spectroscopy of the non-transiting hot Jupiter Tau Bootis Ab in the near-infrared with CARMENES/CAHA.
Weaver, Ian
ACCESS: a general update and current progress on rapid detrending techniques
Wagner, Kevin
Imaging Planet Formation, Planetary Accretion, and Planet-Disk Interactions
Waghmare, Ankita
Formation and migration of giant planets
Vos, Johanna
Spitzer Variability Properties of Exoplanet Analogs
Vissapragada, Shreyas
A Survey of Metastable Helium with Palomar/WIRC
Villarreal D'Angelo, Carolina
GJ436 3D hydrodynamic simulations: winds interaction constrained by spectroscopic lines
Veras, Dimitri
The lifetimes of planetary debris discs around white dwarfs
Vazan, Allona
On the interior structure of ice giants, and how migration affects it
Vandal, Thomas
New Dynamical Mass Estimates of the β Pictoris Planetary System Through Gaussian Process Stellar Activity Modelling
van Sluijs, Lennart
Comparative exoplanetology at high spectral resolution from the MEASURE program: preliminary results
Valio, Adriana
Differential rotation of Kepler-411
Unger, Nicolas
Nested Sampling as a tool to determine the number of planets in multi-body systems
Turner, Jake D.
The tentative detection of radio emissions from the exoplanetary system Tau Bootis using LOFAR beamformed observations
Tschudi, Christian
Quantitative Polarimetry of the disk around HD 169142
Trifonov, Trifon
Transit and Radial velocity Interactive Fitting tool for Orbital analysis and N-body simulations: The Exo-Striker
Triaud, Amaury
The BEBOP radial-velocity search for circumbinary Planets
Teyssandier, Jean
Transit-Timing Variation Signature of Planet Migration: The Case of K2-24
Teng, Huan-Yu
Revisiting planetary systems of three retired A-stars
Teinturier, Lucas
Cloud Killer : Mapping the Surface of Cloudy Exoplanets
Taylor, Jake
The Impact of Scattering Clouds when Studying Exoplanet Emission Spectra with JWST
Taylor, Stuart F.
Unexpected Peak-Gap-Peak Shape of the Main Pileup of the Log-Periods of Planets of Metal-Rich Sunlike Single Stars and its Influence on Eccentricity Correlations with other Parameters
Tanaka, Yuki
Gap formation by a super-Jupiter-mass planet and its effects on the planetary mass accretion rate
Tan, Xianyu
Atmospheric circulation of brown dwarfs and directly imaged exoplanets driven by cloud radiative feedback
Tal-Or, Lev
Enhancing RV precision by self calibrating survey data
Sutlieff, Ben
The Variability of Exoplanet Atmospheres through Direct Imaging
Street, Rachel
Enhancing the planet population census with LSST+WFIRST
Stock, Katja
On the survival of planetary systems in star clusters
Stock, Stephan
Orbital characterization of planetary systems around active M dwarfs
Stevenson, Kevin
Star Helix: Multiple Earth-Transit SmallSat Concept
Stefansson, Gudmundur
A High Mass and Low Obliquity for the Young Neptune K2-25b
Steckloff, Jordan
The Origin of WD1145+017b: The Migration of Small, Crumbling Exoplanets via Sublimation-driven Orbital Perturbations (SOPs)
Stangret, Monika Beata
Fe I and Fe II in the atmosphere of Ultra-hot Jupiter MASCARA-2b
Standing, Matthew
The First TESS Circumbinary Planet TOI-1338b / EBLM J0608-59b: A Possible Second Planet
Spring, EleanorF
The Black Mirror: A Dedicated Search for the Light Reflected from 51 Pegasi b at High Spectral Resolution
Spalding, Christopher
Stellar Oblateness versus Distant Giants in Exciting Kepler Planet Mutual Inclinations
Spaargaren, Rob
Terrestrial exoplanet bulk silicate composition as a function of host stellar elemental abundances, and its effects on long-term planetary evolution
Soubkiou, Abderahmane
EXOFASTV2: Modeling TESS lightcurves
Sotzen, Kristin
On the Taxonomy of Exoplanets using Transit and Eclipse Depth Ratios
Soto, Maritza
Detecting a substellar high-contrast companion to an M-dwarf with CARMENES
Sneed, Evan L.
A Climatic Investigation of Ammonia as a Remote Biosignature on Cold Haber Worlds III
Skaf, Nour
ARES II: Characterising Hot Jupiters WASP-127b, WASP-79b and WASP-62b
Silva, Laura
Modelling planetary and Galactic habitability
Shulyak, Denis
Atmospheres of hot Jupiters at high and low spectral resolution constrained by near-future observing facilities
Serindag, Dilovan
A tentative detection of TiO emission in the ultra-hot-Jupiter WASP-33b using the improved ExoMol ToTo line list
Seidel, Julia Victoria
WASP-76b: Atmospheric wind retrieval in the era of high-resolution spectroscopy
Segura, Antigona
Effect of UV radiation produced by flares on the oxygen chemistry in anoxic and low-O2 atmospheres of potentially habitable planets around M dwarfs
Scora, Jennifer
Forming compositionally diverse super-Earths with collisions
Schlecker, Martin
a compositional link between
 warm super-Earths and cold Jupiters
Schib, Oliver
Influence of cloud collapse on the fragmentation of protoplanetary discs
Savvidou, Sofia
Influence of grain growth on protoplanetary disc structures
Samra, Dominic
Mineral Snowflakes on JWST Target WASP-43b
Samland, Matthias
TRAP: Applying transit techniques to direct imaging data
Sabotta, Silvia
Lack of close-in massive planets of main-sequence A-type stars from Kepler
Rozner, Mor
The aeolian-erosion barrier for the growth of metre-size objects in protoplanetary-discs
Rowther, Sahl
Hiding Signatures of Gravitational Instability in Protoplanetary Discs
Rowland, Melanie
T and L Dwarf Atmospheric Retrieval with CHIMERA
Rometsch, Thomas
Migration Jumps of planets in 2:1 MMR
Rogers, Laura
Near-infrared variability in dusty white dwarfs: tracing the accretion of planetary material
Rodet, Laetitia
Hiding resonant planets behind a big friend
Rodenkirch, Peter
Modeling the non-axisymmetric structure in the HD 163296
Rickman, Emily
Direct imaging and spectral characterisation of long period exoplanets and brown dwarfs
Rice, Malena
Placing our Solar System in Context: A TESS Study of the Trans-Neptunian Solar System
Rice, David
Magrathea: Terrestrial Planet Interior Solver and the Degeneracy of Interiors
Rengel, Miriam
Investigating Physical and Chemical Mechanisms in Planetary Atmospheres and their impacts on the observables
Reiter, Megan
The majority of planets may form in regions with abundant 26Al
Regaly, Zsolt
Vortex self-replication as a self-sustaining planet formation scenario
Reffert, Sabine
The Period Distributions of Doppler-discovered Giant Planets around Main-Sequence and Post-Main Sequence Stars
Redfield, Seth
A Search for Extended Atmospheres for the GJ9827 planets in Lyman-alpha, H-alpha, and HeI
Ramos, David
Effect of UV radiation produced by flares on the oxygen chemistry in anoxic and low-O2 atmospheres of potentially habitable planets around M dwarfs
Rameaeu, Julien
The GPI Exoplanet Spectral Library
Rahmati, Hossein
Detection of sodium in the atmosphere of WASP-7b with UVES
Radica, Michael
Towards a Robust Spectral Extraction Algorithm for NIRISS SOSS Spectra
Price, Ellen
Tidally Distorted, Iron-enhanced Exoplanets Closely Orbiting Their Stars
Powell, Diana
The Formation, Evolution, and Observational impact of clouds on Hot Jupiters: Insights from Microphysical Cloud Modeling
Podolak, Morris
What is the Fate of High-Z Material Deposited in a Gas Giant Envelope?
Pino, Lorenzo
Atomic emission lines from the day-side of ultra-hot Jupiters: linking 3D atmospheric structure and chemistry
Piette, Anjali
Temperature Profiles and Thermal Emission Spectra of Mini-Neptune Atmospheres
Picogna, Giovanni
Pebble accretion in turbulent 3D disks with radiative transfer
Petrucci, Romina
Photometric characterization of ultra-cool dwarfs: Understanding the planetary environments
Petit dit de la Roche, Dominique
Planets in a different light: the potential of ground-based direct imaging in the mid-infrared
Petit, Antoine C.
The path to instability in multiplanetary systems
Penzlin, Anna
Model for the close circumbinary planet orbits
Pedersen, Peter
A Correction of the Photometric Effect of Telluric Water Vapour on SPECULOOS-South
Pearce, Logan
The orbits of planet-hosting binaries with Gaia
Panwar, Vatsal
A comprehensive comparative exoplanetology program to probe atmospheric properties of close-in giant exoplanets
Palle, Enric
A He I exosphere around the warm Neptune GJ-3470b
Osborn, Ares
TOI-431: a super-Earth and sub-Neptune transiting a bright, early K dwarf, with an additional RV planet
Ormel, Chris
The making of a vapor planet
Okuzumi, Satoshi
Forming Earths and super-Earths in nascent protostellar disks
Okuda, Takeshi
Transit observation by Ritsumeikan astronomical observatory
Ohno, Kazumasa
Exo-hail or Exo-snow? Microphysical modeling and synthetic observations of sub-Neptune clouds
Nugroho, Stevanus Kristianto
Emission of Neutral Iron on the Day-side of WASP-33b
Novais, Aline
Exploring Uncertainties on Rstar and g in Exoplanet Atmospheric Retrieval
Nortmann, Lisa
High-resolution survey of He I absorption in exoplanet atmospheres
Nixon, Matthew
Internal Structures of Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes
Nicholson, Belinda
Measuring the masses of challenging TESS planets: Single transits and DS Tuc
Nibauer, Jacob
Statistical Properties of Elemental Abundances in Solar Analogs and the Possible link to Planet Formation
Nath, Artash
Using Machine Learning to Improve Prediction of Chemical Composition of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Nair, Sujay
Mid-transit and Reference Star Analysis of HAT-P-37 b and Kepler-45 b
Muto, Takayuki
Dippers from the TESS Full-Frame Images
Musso Barcucci, Arianna
Presenting the LIStEN survey: looking for exoplanets in the northern hemisphere
Mugrauer, Markus
ESA-Gaia Multiplicity Study of Exoplanet Host Stars
Morello, Giuseppe
Consistent HST-Spitzer data analysis with SEA BASS
Moore, Keavin
Keeping M-Earths Habitable in the Face of Atmospheric Loss by Sequestering Water in the Mantle
Mollière, Paul
Towards spectrally constraining the formation history of young gas giant planets
Moldenhauer, Tobias
The Recycling of Planetary Proto-Atmospheres
Molaverdikhani, Karan
Depletion of Methane in Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Misener, William
Residual H/He Atmospheres of Super-Earths
Miranda Rosete, Arturo
Effect of UV radiation produced by flares on the oxygen chemistry in anoxic and low-O2 atmospheres of potentially habitable planets around M dwarfs
Millholland, Sarah
Tidal Inflation Reconciles Low-Density Sub-Saturns with Core Accretion
McDonald, Catriona
Triaxial asteroids as reservoirs for planetary debris around white dwarfs
May, Erin
Introducing a New Spitzer Master BLISS Map to Remove the Instrument-Systematic -- Phase-Curve-Parameter Degeneracy, as Demonstrated by a Reanalysis of the 4.5μm WASP-43b Phase Curve
Matthews, Elisabeth
Detection of three stellar mass companions to highly dusty debris disk systems
Manger, Natascha
High Resolution Parameter Study of the Vertical Shear Instability
Mancini, Luigi
Search and characterization of young planets with GAPS2
Malsky, Isaac
Constraining the Atmospheric Structure of Upsilon Andromedae b with a Novel Method for Modeling High Resolution Emission Spectra of Non-Transiting Planets.
Mallonn, Matthias
Challenging the weather forecast: the observational study of day side clouds
MacDonald, Ryan J.
Towards Multidimensional Atmospheric Retrievals of Exoplanet Transmission Spectra
MacDonald, Mariah
Exploring the Onset of Plate Tectonics on Terrestrial Planets Using Grain-Damage
Ma, Jie
Models for reflected light from transition disk
Formation of close-in super-Earth planets
Loveless, Stephan
Modeling the structure of ice-rich planets for a range of masses and ice/rock ratios
Louden, Tom
The Structure of the Helium exosphere of WASP-107b
Lothringer, Joshua D.
UV Exoplanet Transmission Spectral Features as Probes of Metals and Rainout
Loftus, Kaitlyn
The Physics of Falling Raindrops in Diverse Planetary Atmospheres
Lisa, Dang
Full Orbit Phase Curve of XO-3b, an Eccentric Hot Jupiter
Linz, Hendrik
FIR Interferometry in Space with IRASSI: protoplanetary disks, the trail of water, and embedded proto-planets
Lichtenberg, Tim
Earliest compositional bifurcation of planetary building blocks
Liberato, Luana
The structure of the co-orbital stable regions as a function of the mass ratio
Li, Min
Maximum temperatures in protoplanetary disks and composition of planetary building blocks
Lefevre, Maxence
3D cloud-resolving model of temperate, tidally-locked exoplanets
Lee, Graham Kim
Simplified 3D GCM modelling of the irradiated brown dwarf WD0137-349B
Le Coroller, Hervé
K-Stacker, an algorithm to hack the orbital parameters of planets hidden in high-contrast imaging and to increase the contrast level up to a factor 10
Lacedelli, Gaia
The TESS/HARPS-N/CHEOPS synergy: a photodynamical approach
Kutra, Taylor
Kepler Planets and Metallicity
Kubyshkina, Daria
The past rotation history of stars revealed by the hydrogen-dominated atmospheres of close-in planets
Kovacs, Tamas
Exoplanetary mass constraints based on topology of interacting networks
Kossakowski, Diana
AD Leo: the story continues, we can't completely rule out a planetary companion
Koshimoto, Naoki
Comparison of microlensing planet distribution with the Galactic model
Kondo, Iona
OGLE-2018-BLG-1185b: A Spitzer Microlensing Super-Earth Orbiting a Late M-dwarf in the Galactic bulge
Koll, Daniel D.B.
How to Quickly Search Rocky Exoplanets for Signs of Atmospheres
Kirk, James
Assessing the atmospheric observability of the benchmark multi-planet system HIP 41378
Kimmig, Carolin
Effect of Wind Driven Accretion on Planetary Migration
Khalafinejad, Sara
Characterizing the atmospheres of giant exoplanets around active stars
Khaimova, Jessica
Transmission Spectroscopy of HD 189733b using CARMENES
Ketzer, Laura
Using PLATYPOS to estimate the atmospheric mass loss of V1298 Tau's four young planets
Kesseli, Aurora
A Search for FeH in Hot-Jupiter Atmospheres with High-Dispersion Spectroscopy
Keles, Engin
Probing the atmosphere of HD189733b with the Na-I and K-I lines
Keating, Dylan
Simultaneous analyses of multiple Spitzer eclipses using hierarchical models
Kasper, Markus
ELT PCS, RD and roadmap
Kasper, David
The new exoplanet spectrograph: MAROON-X
Kanagawa, Kazuhiro
A fast inward migration of a planet within a protoplanetary disk: Observational signatures from gas morphology
Kammerer, Jens
Studying giant planet formation with Fourier plane imaging techniques
Kaminski, Adrian
TELLURIC WARS – Modeling RV contamination by Microtellurics
Kadam, Kundan
Dynamical Gaseous Rings in Protoplanetary Disk Formation Simulations: Implication for Planet Formation
Jofré, Emiliano
Stellar and planetary characterization of the multiplanet systems Kepler-278 and Kepler-391
Jiang, Haochang
Origin and Evolution of ALMA Rings Without Pressure Maxima
Jennings, Jeff
Frankenstein: Protoplanetary disc brightness profile reconstruction at sub-beam resolution
Jeffers, Sandra
RedDots: all terrestrial planets orbiting red dwarfs within 5 pc
Jara-Maldonado, Miguel
A Multiresolution Analysis Technique to Improve the Exoplanet Identification Process
Iyer, Aishwarya
Modeling M-dwarfs for Exoplanet Characterization
Isaak, Kate
Community Access to CHEOPS
Ikwut-Ukwa, Mma
Two Massive Eccentric Giant Planets From TESS
Hundertmark, Markus
A feature based microlensing planet detection for the Target and Observation Manager Toolkit
Huang, Shuo
The TRAPPIST-1 System: resonances after sequential planet formation and migration
Hsieh, He-Feng
Migrating Low-Mass Planets in Inviscid Dusty Protoplanetary Discs
Howe, Alex
Atmospheric Retrievals of Directly-Imaged Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs with the APOLLO Code
Hood, Callie
Prospects for Characterizing the Haziest Sub-Neptunes with High Resolution Spectroscopy
Hobson, Melissa
A warm giant and stellar activity for TOI-201
Herbort, Oliver
The atmospheres of rocky exoplanets. Outgassing of common rock and the stability of liquid water
Hellard, Hugo
On the interiors of exoplanets with the Love number h2
Heitzmann, Alexis
Planets around active young stars
Heeren, Paul
The Mystery of the Short-Period Variation in the Radial Velocity of the Eccentric Binary Epsilon Cygni
Hazra, Gopal
Influence of the Sun-like magnetic cycle on exoplanetary atmospheric escape
Haworth, Thomas J.
Planet formation in stellar clusters
Harman, Sonny
The Earth but Not: Making a Case for Combined 3-D Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Simulations
Harbach, Laura
Photoevaporation of Water Dominated Exoplanet Atmospheres
Hammond, Mark
The Equatorial Jet Speed on Terrestrial Tidally Locked Planets
Hamer, Jacob
The Unexpectedly Divergent Fates of Hot Jupiters and Ultra-short-period Planets
Haldemann, Jonas
AQUA: A Collection of H2O Equation of State for Planetary Models
Guzman Mesa, Andrea
What is the information content of JWST transmission spectra?
Guimond, Claire Marie
Does topography matter for rocky planets?
Grziwa, Sascha
EXOTRANS for the advanced detection and evaluation of transiting planets in the era of TESS
Gratton, Raffaele
Searching for Proxima c on SPHERE data
Graham, David
Dynamical Constraints of potentially Habitable Circumbinary Planets
Gordon, Kenneth
Comparing Models of an Exoplanet-Earth to Earthshine Observations
Gomez Maqueo Chew, Yilen
First year of SAINT-EX operations: an exoplanet dedicated 1m telescope at San Pedro Mártir
Girard, Julien
The 2019-2020 ROMAN Exoplanet Imaging Data Challenge
Ginzburg, Sivan
The Endgame of Gas Giant Formation
Gillen, Edward
The NGTS Clusters Survey: Understanding the early evolution of stellar and planetary systems
Gill, Samuel
Long period planets from TESS and NGTS
Gibson, Neale
High-resolution Doppler-resolved spectroscopy of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b
Gharib-Nezhad, Ehsan
Molecular Opacities for Brown Dwarf and Giant Exoplanet Atmospheres
First use of OWL@OUCA telescope for detecting and characterizing exoplanets: Validation of the instrument
Gerbig, Konstantin
Requirements for gravitational collapse in planetesimal formation: the impact of scales set by Kelvin-Helmholtz and nonlinear streaming instability
Gebhard, Timothy
Half-Sibling Regression meets Direct Imaging: A Causal Approach for Uncovering Exoplanets
Franz, Raphael
Dust Entrainment in XEUV Winds
Frank, Adam
The Dynamics of Atmospheric Photoevaporation: 3-D AMR Simulations
Fox, Chris
Exomoon Candidates from Transit Timing Variations: Six Kepler systems with TTVs explainable by photometrically unseen exomoons
Ford, Eric
Distinguishing Planets and Stellar Variability: Improving Sensitivity via Gaussian Process Kernel Choice
Fontanive, Clémence
The new COPAINS tool for detection and orbital characterisation of directly-imaged companions
Flores-Rivera, Lizxandra
Hydrodynamical simulations of protoplanetary disks including irradiation of UltraViolets. Part I. Resolution Study for VSI
Flammini Dotti, Francesco Maria
The life of Solar-like systems in Open Clusters
Fisher, Chloe
Studying Exoplanet Atmospheres using Retrievals and Machine Learning
Fisher, Theresa
New Statistical Measures of Atmospheric Disequilibria and Implications for Detecting Life
Ferreira dos Santos, Thiago
A box-fitting implementation for the transit method detection of exoplanets
Feldt, Markus
METIS - The Mid-Infrared ELT Imager and Spectrograph
Feinstein, Adina
Understanding Flare Rates of Young Stars and Their Effect on Exoplanet Atmospheres
Fabrycky, Daniel
An information theoretic framework for classifying exoplanetary system architectures
F. Otegi, Jon
Revisited mass-radius relations for exoplanets below 120Me
Esposito, Tom
Dusty Kuiper Belts Around 29 Young Stars Resolved in Scattered Light with the GPI Exoplanet Survey
Eriksson, Simon
Strong Halpha emission and signs of accretion in a circumbinary planetary mass companion from MUSE
Ellwarth, Monika
Pathways to understanding Radial Velocity Jitter - Benchmark Observations of the Sun
Dutrey, Anne
Spirals induced by Planet Formation in two emblematic young Systems: GG Tauri A and AB Aurigae.
Duguid, Craig
Convective turbulent viscosity acting on equilibrium tidal flows: new frequency scaling of the effective viscosity
Dubber, Sophie
The W-band survey: Searching for the lowest-mass members of Serpens South and Serpens Core
Dreizler, Stefan
TOI442.01 A Neptune like planet in the Neptune desert
Dransfield, Georgina
Colour-magnitude diagrams of transiting exoplanets
dos Santos, Leonardo
The high-energy environment and atmospheric escape of the mini-Neptune K2-18 b
Dorval, Patrick
Decoupling starspot signatures in RV data
Dencs, Zoltán
The effects on the terrestrial planet formation efficiency by numerical simulations
Del Sordo, Fabio
Proxima c: a perspective for its confirmation with radial velocities
Deibert, Emily
A Near-Infrared Chemical Inventory of the Atmosphere of 55 Cancri e
Debrecht, Alex
The Effect of Magnetic Fields on Photoevaporative Outflows
De Cesare, Giovanni
Stability of planetary motion in binary star systems
de Beurs, Zoe L.
Removing Stellar Activity from RVs Using Artificial Intelligence
Davies, Melvyn
Survival of scattered planets in potentially habitable orbits
Dalba, Paul
A Comparison of Single-Transit Events from TESS and Kepler, or How I Learned to Expect the Unexpected
Cummins, Daniel
Pebble-Accreting Planets Trigger Large-Scale Vortex Formation
Crouzet, Nicolas
XO-7 b: A Transiting Hot Jupiter with a Massive Companion on a Wide Orbit
Cooke, Gregory
Detectability of biosignatures on Earth-like exoplanets
Cont, David
TiO in the Atmosphere of WASP-33b with CARMENES
Cilibrasi, Marco
A N-body population synthesis framework for the formation of moons around Jupiter-like planets
Christiaens, Valentin
Where is the planet in the protoplanetary disc of MWC 758?
Chen, Di-chang
A power-law decay evolution scenario for polluted single white dwarfs
Chen, Yi-Xian
Preservation of Hot Super-Earths and Cold Gas Giants
Cavallius, Maria
A sensitive search for gas in debris disks
Carrión-González, Óscar
Direct-imaging characterization of cold exoplanets: the effects of an unknown planetary radius
Carolan, Stephen
The dichotomy of atmospheric escape in AU Mic b
Carmona, Andres
Significant warm gas depletion in the inner 20 au of transition disks: evidence for embedded planets?
Carleo, Ilaria
The multi-planet system TOI-421
Campos Estrada, Beatriz
Modelling dusty-tails of disintegrating exoplanets
Calissendorff, Per
Multiplicity at the lowest substellar masses
Cabot, Samuel
High-Resolution Spectroscopy of an Ultra-hot Exoplanet
Burt, Jennifer
The NASA/NSF Extreme Precision Radial Velocity Initiative
Buchan, Andrew
Chromium, Nickel and Iron as clues to the formation histories of exoplanetary bodies
Bubb, Emma E
Exploring the Variability of Cloudy Brown Dwarf Atmospheres: The Case of WISE 1049−5319 AB
Bryant, Edward
Ultra-High Precision Photometry with NGTS Multi-Telescopes
Brown Sevilla, Samantha
A look into the protoplanetary disk around WaOph 6 from NIR to mm
Brogi, Matteo
Seeing above the Clouds with High Resolution Spectroscopy
Braun, Christoph
Subtropical clouds stabilize near-Snowball Earth states
Brandner, Wolfgang
HST search for giant planets around white dwarfs in the Hyades
Bozza, Valerio
The computational challenge of planetary microlensing in a new perspective
Bonsor, Amy
The Geology of Rocky Exoplanets
Bonse, Markus
Machine Learning based Atmosphere Prediction for eXtreme Adaptive Optics
Bonnefoy, Mickaël
Planets and protoplanets revealed by medium-resolution integral field spectrographs
Bonfanti, Andrea
MCMCI: A code to fully characterise an exoplanetary system
Bluhm, Paz
Precise mass and radius of a transiting super-Earth planet orbiting the M dwarf TOI-1235: a planet in the radius gap?
Blecic, Jasmina
Synergy between GCM and retrieval models: A New Physically-Motivated 2D Temperature Model for Phase Curve Retrieval
Bitsch, Bertram
Giant planet formation in the pebble accretion scenario
Bischoff, Richard
Follow-up observations of YETI planet candidates
Bieryla, Allyson
A Summary of the TESS Follow-up Observations from Fred L. Whipple Observatory
Bhogaokar, Sarvesh
Simulation of a Transit Method for Detection of Exoplanets
Bergez-Casalou, Camille
How gas accretion changes the shape and depth of gaps in discs
Ben-Yami, Maya
Uncertainty in the Inferred Metallicity of Gas Giant Exoplanets
Bell, Taylor
SPCA: An Open-Source, Modular, and Automated Pipeline for Spitzer Phase Curve Analyses
Battley, Matthew
A Search for Young Exoplanets in Sectors 1-5 of the TESS Full-Frame-Images
Bashi, Dolev
Occurrence rates of small planets from HARPS: Focus on the Galactic context
Barth, Patrick
MOVES IV. Modelling the influence of high-energy radiation on the atmospheric composition of HD 189733b
Barstow, Joanna
Unveiling cloudy exoplanets: the influence of cloud model choices on retrieval solutions
Barraza, Marcelo
Planet-disk interactions in a VSI turbulent protoplanetary disk with an embedded Jupiter
Barragán, Oscar
Radial velocity confirmation of K2-100b: A young, highly irradiated, and low density transiting hot Neptune
Ballmer, Maxim
Long-term evolution of Earth-like exoplanets as a function of bulk composition: Lessons from coupled interior-atmosphere modeling
Bailey, Nora
Nodal Precession in Closely Spaced Planet Pairs
Bachelet, Etienne
Detection of planets in the entire Milky Way
Auclair-Desrotour, Pierre
Atmospheric collapse on tidally locked rocky planets
Atri, Dimitra
Stellar Flares and Planetary Habitability
Asensio Torres, Rubén
Perturbers: detection limits on the presence of planets creating substructures in protoplanetary disks
Antoniadis Karnavas, Alexandros
ODUSSEAS: a machine learning tool to derive effective temperature and metallicity for M Dwarf stars
Anderson, Kassandra
A Possible Solution to the Tidal Realignment Problem for Hot Jupiters
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Radial Velocity Confirmation of the TESS Transiting Warm sub-Saturn Candidate, TOI-257b, using MINERVA-Australis
Astronomy in Heidelberg