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Multimedia HTML Posters

Exo3-Online will allow participants to present multimedia online posters. This style of posters goes well beyond the usual A0 size PDF paper poster. Instead: you can create any kind of multimedia an/or interactive poster you like. Here is how it works: You create an HTML document, and we display that document on your Exoplanets 3 poster page. You can embed any content, such as images and movies, with URL links to an external server where you deposit this material.

If you have never created a poster in HTML, do not worry: we have a simple template for you, which is powered by Boostrap 3. You can find a very good tutorial for Bootstrap 3 at the W3 Schools. But you will likely not even need to learn Bootstrap 3 at all. Just start from the following template, modify it to your needs, and voila, you have your multimedia HTML poster!

View the template HTML multimedia poster

You can download the HTML code for this template here

Classic PDF posters

If you prefer the classic PDF style poster, that remains also absolutely possible!

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