Exoplanets III

Invited Review Speakers

The following invited review speakers have confirmed their attendence:

  • Andrew Vanderburg
  • Francesco Pepe
  • Scott Gaudi
  • Hilke Schlichting
  • Rebekah Dawson
  • Daniel Huber
  • Caroline Dorn
  • Jayne Birkby
  • Mark Marley
  • Sara Walker
  • Karl Stapelfeldt


The conference will start with an opening talk by:

  • Didier Queloz
The overall program of talks will consist of the following sessions:
  • Detection: Transits
  • Detection: Radial Velocity
  • Detection: Imaging, Microlensing, Gaia, ...
  • Formation
  • System Architectures & Dynamics
  • Host stars
  • Planetary Interiors
  • Atmospheres
  • Habitability and Biosignatures
  • Future Missions and Observatories

There will also be an extensive poster session, with ample time allocated for poster viewing.

More details about the program will follow in due time.

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