Exoplanets III

Local transportation

The conference venue is not in the city center. It is possible to walk up the hill to the EMBL, but that takes about an hour and is somewhat strenuous.

Conference shuttle bus between downtown and conference venue

We will provide a shuttle bus (included in the conference fee). We will publish information about the pick-up point(s) in due time here.

Public transportation to the conference venue

Bus 39 (direction Königstuhl, EMBL or Rohrbach Süd) runs from Bismarckplatz. The bus going to EMBL or Rohrbach Süd takes you directly to EMBL. When taking the bus to Königstuhl, get off at Bierhelderhof bus stop, turn right down the hill and turn left onto Bierhelderhofweg. Walk down past the farm, turn left onto Meyerhofstraße. Continue up Meyerhofstraße, turning left in front of the EMBL building. The EMBL ATC is on your left. To reach EMBL's main entrance, continue up the hill and turn right after the bend. The last bus from EMBL going downtown during weekdays is at 8:47pm. There are no direct buses to or from EMBL at the weekend. Please use the MPI Kernphysik stop instead.


The RufTaxi starts running once the bus service has stopped on weekdays from 9:52pm, and departs once an hour (also at 12:22am) until 12:52am from EMBL. Please call 06221 30 20 30 at least 30 minutes before departure time to arrange pick up. Taxis are available from outside Heidelberg main train station or can be ordered under 06221 302030. The journey to EMBL from the train station / city centre costs between 10 and 15 Euro.

Private transportation for sightseeing

If you want to do sightseeing (highly recommended), then you can make use of various ways of transportation. Heidelberg is a small town, so everything can be done on foot. But you can also use the buses or trams. Tickets can be bought at the ticket machines at most stops. There is also a fernicular from the old town to the castle and further up to the top of the Königstuhl hill.

Buses and trams (Strassenbahn or Stadtbahn) are the main form of transportation in Heidelberg, with the center hub at Bismarktplatz in the Altstadt. Individual tickets are available, but there are many special passes that make it much more affordable and efficient to get around. Individual tickets can be purchased at ticket machines or with the driver, and passes can be purchased at the ticket counters. Maps of each bus and tram route can be found at every stop.


The size of Heidelberg is relatively small, making it is easy to go wherever you want in a short period of time. Using a bicycle is a great way to do this, though bicycle traffic in Heidelberg can be a bit chaotic. Many streets or walkways have bike lanes, but some do not and can be rather narrow, especially in the old town.

There are several places where renting a bike is possible. Some hotels also offer bike rentals to their guests.

VRNnextbike – bike rental in Heidelberg
Telephone: +49 3069 205046

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